Mood. Surprise Bundles!

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Remember those surprise bags you used to beg your parents for when you were younger? Think that but better! 

Mood. Consignment's surprise bundles are a fun way to add a few pieces to spice up your wardrobe! 

Each box will be curated with 3-5 high quality items in excellent condition, that fit the vibe you select! Boxes will be final sale, no exceptions. We are more than happy to re consign the pieces for you, should they not fit. 

How To: 

- Choose from the following boxes including your size and color options! 

- You can add how ever many boxes you would like! Example: One Workout Vibes and One Casual Vibes! 


WORKOUT VIBES : In the Mood. for a new workout outfit to make that sweat-sesh a little more enticing? This box may or my not include a mix of leggings, sports bras, workout tops, workout shorts, light zip ups! 


CASUAL VIBES : In the Mood. for a little wardrobe refresh but not looking for anything too dressy? This box may or may not include a mix of tops, sweaters, denim, leggings, accessories! 


BOUJEE VIBES : In the Mood. for something completely opposite from that sweatsuit you've been rocking all month?  This box may or my not include a mix of blouses, skirts, dresses and accessories. 


OFFICE VIBES : In the Mood. to spice up your work wardrobe for those zoom calls?This box may or may not include a mix of blazers, blouses and dressy bottoms.